June 29: Growing old in Illinois

Guest: State Representative Norine Hammond

May 25: Home Health Care Options

Guest: Sherrick’s Home Health

April 27: Emergency Contacts

Guest: Dr. Rachel Rahman

March 30: Recognizing Scams

Guest: Jim Drozdz – Hancock County State’s Attorney

February 23: Going for the Home Stretch

Guest: Dr. Craig Dunn – Nauvoo Chiropractor

January 26: Senior Citizen Volunteers

Guest: Nancy Jameson, Director of RSVP


December:  No Program


November: No Meeting


October 26: Medicare Part D

Guest: Bruce Jossick

September 28: No Program

August 24: Advanced Directives

Guest: Moira Rothert

July 28: Fire Safety

Guest: Dan Gallaher – Nauvoo Fire Chief

June 1: Hancock County Senior Assitance

Guest: Carol Gronewold – Assistance Specialist, Illinois Agency on Aging

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